Grace Brown: World Mission

Project Description

Name: Grace Brown: World Mission
Genre: Hidden Object Game
Release Date: July, 2012
Delivered Assets:

  • Complete Graphic Work
  • Puzzles
  • Story
  • Music

In Grace Brown: World Mission, players go back in time and follow the titular hero to the Arctic Circle as she explores the ruins of a lost civilization. The time is 1935 and Grace (who looks like a combination of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft with a smattering of tribal tattoos) is a highly accomplished woman. Scholar, doctor, adventurer, she’s more or less ready for anything. While hanging out in her book-lined study, an old friend and former professor calls and invites her to meet him at an archeological site. She packs up and jumps on a plane, prepared to find impossibly rare evidence of an ancient people called the Creators. When she gets to the site however, she discovers a lot more than that.

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